About Us

We are a husband and wife team.

What it takes to do what we do.

Takes years of experience to build an amazing succesfull project plan.

  • 2002 first IT contracts on emerging VoIP technolgies.
  • 2007 first IT contracts on emerging HealthCare technolgies. 9204-3280 QC inc.
  • 2010 a storefront small business internet cafe. Cafe Vox
  • 2011 first IT contracts on emerging IT Security technolgies.
  • 2013 a storefront small business liquidation electronics store. Vox Electronics
  • 2017 first short term rental project. 5 bedroom vacation home.
  • 2020 started J&N BLDG in Bingawan, Philiipines.
  • 2023 Moved to New Brunswick & merged our Canadian two companies.

As markets and demands change, so do we. We've moved on to the next great adventure when the time is right. Always having multiple projects on the go.